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Laptop & Coffee

Coffee Shop

Are you looking for a place you can have your morning coffee, or come sit down to catch up on some emails? Out & About is that place. With a coffee shop, light snacks and free wi-fi, you can enjoy anytime.

Art Class

A wide range of mid-week activities

At Out & About we are not only a party venue, but we offer mid-week activities for children and adults. Keep an eye on our social media pages for details. The play area is always open without prior booking, for anyone to come and hang out.


Fun for all ages

Everyone is welcome at Out & About. With party venues, one of which is designed specifically for infants, everyone can have their share of the fun

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Happy Children

General Play

We encourage anyone to come join us from Tuesday to Sunday and hang out. Our play area will be open to anyone without booking at a small fee. We have all you need from jungle gyms to a zipline and more. Need to keep the kids busy for a while? Have a coffee while they enjoy themselves.

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